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Annabel Chadwick

Senior Head of Litigation & Head of COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

“I was coming to the end of my LPC and I was looking at which area of law to go into. I found out about industrial disease and became interested, and then I discovered Roberts Jackson. It was very early days in the firm’s existence but I was really impressed with Karen and Oliver’s vision. That was five years ago and now I head up a department and am a shareholder. It’s been amazing watching the company grow. I feel so proud of the firm and my involvement in its success.

I’m now Head of COSHH so I oversee the whole department, managing incoming cases, vetting, quality control, driving the progression of the cases through the critical key stages and making sure there are no unnecessary delays.

I’m responsible for the whole team and for making sure our knowledge is up to date, so I bring in counsel, medical experts, you name it, our training schedule never ends!

I am also a Senior Head of Litigation so I manage two team leaders, working closely with them on settlement strategies and operations for their teams. I have my own caseload and the same targets as everyone else so the management part of my job just has to fit in! I’m also on the Social Committee and that’s taken pretty seriously at Roberts Jackson, so I have my work cut out for me.

I think Roberts Jackson is massively different from other firms! The responsibility you’re allowed to have here is amazing. To become a shareholder under the age of 30 – that’s so rare. I just think there are more opportunities here and the chance to really make a difference – you’re not just another number. I really feel part of something.

In terms of the future, I have high hopes at Roberts Jackson. You’re encouraged not to have a ‘ceiling’ here and actively encouraged to go as far as you can and have no limits!

Annabel has recently been nominated for the rising star of the year from the modern law

Lee Jones

Solicitor Specialising in Noise Induced Hearing Loss

“I heard about Roberts Jackson through word of mouth. My main focus is on my busy caseload, but I also train and advise my more junior colleagues. I do one-to-ones and make sure they feel confident in what they’re doing and I advise them on moving their cases along. My days can be extremely busy and I think being able to stay calm and prioritise are important in a job like this.

Although the work is fast-paced and targets are set on a daily basis, the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed than at other firms I’ve worked in and I don’t get those Sunday night blues that I used to. It’s such a friendly, supportive firm and there’s always someone around to help you out. I actively enjoy work and get a real sense of achievement when a good conclusion is reached for my clients.

There’s a great atmosphere within the firm and that’s encouraged with all the perks and social activities that are on offer. The firm regularly puts on a Big Breakfast, or Pizza Lunch, so that staff can mingle and get to know each other, and there are Friday night drinks every week. There are constantly unexpected things popping up – we were all given ice cream vouchers in the summer and an ice cream van came to the building.

I live near Alsager, not far from Kidsgrove, and when I used to work in Manchester it would take me an hour and a half each way – that’s if the train was on time! Now I drive door to door in under 30 minutes. And I work flexi-time, from 8 until 4, so I’m home by 4.45. I’ve got a bit of my life back.”

Our staff and clients are at the heart of everything we do. Watch the video to hear some of our staff stories and what makes working at Roberts Jackson so great.

Simon Ridding

Trainee Solicitor

“I knew Roberts Jackson was a big player in Industrial Disease and, after working at two more traditional firms, I decided to make the move.

As well as handling my own caseload, I also train less experienced staff, check the quality of their work and discuss strategies with them on how to progress their cases. Everyone at Roberts Jackson is encouraged to share knowledge. I am always learning and am enjoying supporting a colleague on asbestos and clinical negligence cases to learn more about these areas.

As a case handler, I manage cases from the moment they come in all the way to and including trial. My caseload can include Dermatitis, Carpal Tunnel, Vibration White Finger, Noise Induced Hearing Loss and more. I enjoy the buzz of conducting my own hearings – it can be quite an adrenaline rush to be up against a skilled barrister!

In my previous law firms, I found partners wouldn’t say hello to me, whereas Roberts Jackson is so friendly – even Karen is very approachable and relaxed. And as for giving people a chance, well, I haven’t even qualified yet! Roberts Jackson give you a discount for taking the LPC and I’ll be starting my training contract at the same time. I can’t think of any other firm offering that kind of amazing opportunity.

I live in St Helens so it doesn’t take me long to get to work as I’m so close to the M6. I work flexitime so I avoid the rush hour. It’s just one of the many incentives at Roberts Jackson.”

Stacy Pimlott


“I had heard that Roberts Jackson was a different kind of law firm, very commercial in its approach and not at all traditional. I’d heard the firm took a lot of care of its diverse workforce and that there was a very innovative vibe.

I am a Solicitor and shareholder at Roberts Jackson running a number of different types of claims achieving justice for our clients – our number one goal. I am also the deputy of the Noise Induced Hearing Loss team and as such I assist junior fee earners with any queries and expanding their knowledge on the changing NIHL literature and guidelines. My tasks can vary depending on what type of case I am working on, from carrying out witness statements, attending court hearings (be that by telephone or in attendance at trial) and updating clients throughout their journey.

I continually update my knowledge every day whilst working at Roberts Jackson, be that on cases or my commercial knowledge of how a law firm is run. Just recently I assisted on a very high value complex Personal Injury case which expanded my knowledge vastly and allowed me to experience working on a case which most solicitors post 2 year PQE would never get chance to. It enabled me to then oversee the new cases we bring in whilst assisting a trainee solicitor also in that area to develop her knowledge and skills.

The firm balances putting the clients first and ensuring that all individuals in the firm, be that fee earners or support staff, get the same treatment and opportunities on their journey.

I hope to keep excelling and progressing my career at Roberts Jackson as much as I can and I know the opportunities are there for that to be achieved.

I live in Stockport and find the journey to Wilmslow relatively easy. It’s a lovely place to work and is an ideal place for such a groundbreaking law firm to be based.”

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